I bought Boss Monster two years ago and just now I’ve managed to do a review. I know… I know… lazy bugger I am.

It’s even worse because the game is very good and fun to play (though annoying at times too).

This a dungeon builder game in which the players take the role of the bosses in a retro videogame from the late 80s and early 90s. Said dungeon is built by placing cards beside the boss and completing a dungeon of 5 rooms that will deal damage to the brave adventurers who will risk their lives to loot the newly made villainous homes.

And now, after quite a few plays, I can tell you what I thought about the game in this quick podcast.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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Although not many people think about countries like Greece a country with a board game tradition, some companies are keen on setting a stepping stone and bring some excellent games to the table of as many as possible.

Mage Company has been doing that since they released Wrong Chemistry a few years ago and then levelled up with 12 Realms only to then get even better with Hoyuk and now they have something else on the cooking pot.

12 Realms Bed Stories takes the game to its final steps of expansion and pushes it as far as it can go. New rules, new themes, new realms, new characters… and new Kickstarter that will come out very soon.

Meanwhile, I got together with Alexander Argyropoulos to ask him questions about the next edition of the game and also about future plans for the companies.

Hope you’ll like what I heard as much as I did, because I liked it a lot!

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CW500x500-500x500.jpgProbably the most anticipated game I’ve backed in Kickstarter, Cthulhu Wars was going to be a massive hit or a huge flop. In this game, you, the player, take the role of one of four faction of Great Ones who are battling to conquer our planet and turn it into your realm. You’ll have to manage you cultists, summon your creatures, fight for the control of lands… And have fun. Lots of fun.

The delays and problems with the production filled me with dread for months on end and at some points I even wondered if we’d be able to see the game produced.

The thing is that, being a game designed by Sandy Petersen, it was a risk I had to take. Also, the little I know Sandy, merely some interactions in Facebook, a quick hello at Spiel 2014 and references from people who know him better than I do, did reassure me that he’s not the sort of running with the money or give up because things are hard.

Quite the opposite, after all the problems, Petersen Games have gone out of their way to make sure people get the game as soon as they were able to make it happen and also had the foresight to delay things when needed because they weren’t happy with the quality of the products they were getting prior to release.

In any event, the game is now here and I’ve managed to play it a few times. And I want to manage to play it a lot of times again. Lots, and lots of times.

In this quick review podcast tell you why. Hope you enjoy the show!

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Apologies for the initial problem with the sound. Using new editing software and found about this too late.

Recently a massive outrage exploded onto the Internet on the back, of Bruce Cordel’s game The Strange and a recursion within the game that treats with the culture of Native American people.

A petition was started that demanded the immediate removal of the Thunder Plains from the book and that Monte Cook Games never publish anything similar in the future again. Of course the person who created the petition also demanded an apology.

I know Bruce Cordell, Monte Cook and Shannah Germain, three people involved in the company and the game in question and I know for a fact they are as far from being racists as anyone can get. They have moved into inclusivity and made efforts to be socially aware that most companies should learn from. So what went wrong?

In this podcast episode we discuss the issue of bringing minorities and other cultures into your games and how to approach it to make sure the chances of problems is minimised and you do the right thing from the very beginning.

A thorny subject, but one that has to be spoken about.

Hope you enjoy the show.

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Shadow of the Demon Lord is a game that I have been looking forward to for many months. Robert Schwalb is a talented designer like few others and anything that comes out of his inkwell is worth paying good attention to.

This Kickstarter has funded has funded a game that is breaking with a lot of the traditions of Role Playing Games and offers a new system, both mechanically and in its ethos, to shake up the way we look at games and how they are played.

Everything, from the setting to the character sheet, has been designed with the aim of offering a very quick but intense gameplay that moves as fast as you need to.

Of course, this was also the perfect excuse for me to have Robert in the podcast – something I’ve been looking forward to for a long, long time – and ask him a few questions about the game.

Believe me, you will be gutted if you miss this one!

Other material we discuss during the interview:

A Song of Ice and Fire RPG

Death Mark: A Dark Sun Novel (Dark Sun, Abyssal Plague)

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Fablesmith has now a new game in Kickstarter by the name of Hylaria. A storytelling game with different mechanics and quirky art work that sets it apart from the rest.

In the past, Fablesmith has brought us Ortus, an abstract game for two players with more strategy one can shake a stick at, and Oh No! Invasion a cooperative game in which the players will have to work together to fight of a series of aliens who want to conquer our planet.

This one is very different, though, so I had to get together with Joost Das and find out how he came up with the idea for a type of game he’s never published before.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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004bd6735bec3de51fbad695bb005b297d2aa8d0Running a game is not an exact science. Not even sure it is a science but sometimes it feels like it because you have to experiment a lot to get the desired results. And then you have to try again in a different group to get results and you might not get the results you wanted because… well, because people.

And yet we do learn to keep our games smooth so they are fun for everyone involved. Or we try.

In this episode we are going to give you our view and take on how to make that happen. We’ll tell you our techniques, some more controversial than others, and our approach.

Hopefully you’ll find it useful!

Also, please please please take a look at the Shadow of the Demon Lord Kickstarter that’s going on as this podcast comes out. It’s truly superb and, just in case you need any more reason, we talk about it in this episode too!

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M80 is a very interesting game that has been produced in a record time, play tested in a record time and sent to Kickstarter in a record time too, which makes it a very interesting project in my eyes.

I first met Hack at Spiel 2014 and he is a very impressive man who can work more than most people and faster than a good number of super-heroes.

When he told me about M80, I had to find out more. Not just because the game sounds like an interesting one, but also because he has some ideas about how to run his Kickstarter campaign that made me very curious.

Hope you enjoy the interview!

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fc4470d77c0181b9bec0f0681c193d43_large.pSleepers is a conspiracy horror game published by Death Spiral Games and written by Ben Counter, veteran of many Warhammer novels.

This game has been in development for a number of years and puts the players in the shoes of agents with super powers who have just woken up after a long slumber and a post cold-war disaster that’s changed how the world works.

At the time of this recording this game is being funded in Kickstarter and it’s well on its way to get the money it needs to be printed.

The setting sounds good, the mechanics sound good, the book looks good… Is it worth backing it?

I spoke with Ben Counter to ask him a bunch of questions about the game, the campaign and where the company is going with this book.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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One_Man_s_Quest_1024x1024.jpeg?v=1421097The Next Great American Game is a documentary movie conceived and brought to life by producer and director Douglas Morse.

In this documentary, we’ll follow Randall Hoyt as he pitches his game, Turnpike, to  publishers in order to get it published.

As you can imagine, that is a task easier said than done and in this movie we’ll get some very good reflection of what is like to try and break it as a game designer.

I spoke with the director and asked all sorts of questions from funding to how real the situations in the documentary are. With a very impressive cast of designers and publishers, this documentary is a must see for anyone who is interested in any aspect of boardgame and specially to those with an interest in game publishing.

Hope you enjoy the interview and you can find more information about the movie in www.tabletopmovie.com.

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