soulfall.jpgI came by Soulfall, from Smallbox Games, after my friend Alf Seegert recommended it and I pretty much right away backed the game based on the artwork alone.

With dreamy and very evocative illustrations, this game for two to four players already had something to pull me in even though I knew nothing about the theme or mechanics. It didn’t matter. This time I was buying out of a recommendation from a friend I trust and my eyesight who knows what I like.

Fast forward a few months and I have with me my copy of the game. A bit squeezed “thanks” to the postal service, but looking good.

After I sat down with my friends to play it, I can finally bring you my impressions and they’re good ones.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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tabletop_connect_splash_screen.jpgSome of us have friends all over the world and with social networks and convention attending, it’s very easy to meet people with a common interest. And continuing with a game you start while away, or simply when you’re on holidays be able to attend your weekly game and keep the paladin doing paladin stuff.

Virtual tables have been the topic of much talk in the last few years and they’re getting better and better, though some people are still reluctant to use them. Me included.

So I decided to get together with virtual tabletop creator and podcast listener Carl Pinder, who is on the process of creating a truly interesting and versatile platform called Tabletop Connect.

He did get me a lot closer to be looking forward to using  the software and I have to say there are lots of features that I think are very, very interesting.

Please remember to take a look at his website and watch the videos and hope you enjoy the show!

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freelancing.jpgI think it’s safe to say that every single roleplaying games out there has, at some point, wanted to write games. Whether it is for their own adventures, new classes, professions, spells… and fully fledged games too, of course.

The RPG industry relies quite heavily on freelancers because few companies can afford to hire full-time writers. And when they do, they can afford to hire the best of the best.

Also a lot of *incredible* writers decide to become freelancers anyway because that gives them a lot of freedom to do different projects and never become stagnant.

But how does one become a freelance?

Well, Jim Pinto has been a freelance for long, long time and has worked with more than can (or wants to) remember. Vickey Beaver does a lot of work with a lot of freelancers and I have a few of them at the office and help with the recruitment process in my company, so between the three of us know a thing or two about becoming one.

And if you want to become one, follow this pro who’s making a career as a freelance:

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In 2005, Green Ronin published a pretty different fantasy game called Blue Rose. It defined itself as a Romantic Fantasy Roleplaying Game and it made a point of having social inclusion and diversity as part of the setting and ethos of the whole game.

As oftentimes happen, the game became in need of some updating and TLC and it languished for a few years despite the fact that it was far from forgotten.

Now the time has come and Green Ronin is once again gathering a team of writers, illustration artists, game designers and the team needed to get a new and better edition of the game out next year.

For starters it’s expanding on the lore of the game and also changing its system from True 20 to AGE.

In Kickstarter at the time of recording this podcast, funded and having cracked a few stretch goals, I decided to talk to its line and lead developer, Steve Kenson, to find out more about Blue Rose and what we can expect from this new edition.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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Playing RPGs is a source of joy and entertainment for those who play them, but sometimes, just sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. Sometimes there’s someone who ruins your game.

And it can be you ruining it and not even realise.

In this episode, Jim Pinto and I talk about some of the bad experiences we’ve had at the table and we air some dirty secrets, as well as a few tips on how to stop it when “it” goes awry.

And we swear a bit in this episode. Sorry…

Hope you enjoy the show!

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Legendary Games has been creating some impressive material for quite some time now. With a great ability to surround themselves with terrific writers, they hit the mark very, very often.

Now Legendary Games have joined forces with a terrific plethora of authors to create Legendary Planet Adventure Path, a very interesting take on the fantasy and science fiction games with this new adventure path for the Pathfinder RPG.

I got together with Neil Spicer and Mike Shel, two of the leading people behind this project, to find out more about what it entails and what’s all about.

Legendary Planet Adventure path is funded in Kickstarter and I strongly recommend you take a look at it. It looks pretty amazing!

Hope you enjoy the show!

Apologies for the audio quality in some parts. I tried to clean it up a bit but alas some of it is not great. :(

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Onix Path has created some of the most iconic and popular roleplaying games out there and now they want to repeat the feat by publishing Beast: The Primordial, a game in which the players take on the roles of creatures that are the product of nightmares. Or the cause.

This game has been in development for over a year by writer and author Matthew McFarland and, if in the past he’s had some good ideas, he’s probably levelled up for this one because it sounds a lot better than I was expecting (and I was expecting a great deal to start with).

To find out more about the game and the limited Prestige Edition that’s funded on Kickstarter, I got together with McFarland and with Onix Path’s Creative Director Richard Thomas to ask about the game itself and the future of the line.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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Sometimes players have to leave the room for a few weeks at the time and sometimes they leave their characters behind so they can come back and retake the session. That happens more often than not in long term campaigns.

What should happen to those characters?

In this episode Vickey Beaver, Jim Pinto and myself discuss the dos and don’ts of dealing with characters that have been left behind and their possessions, worldly or otherwise.

With sordid secrets and everything!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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pic2529504_t.jpgAcademy Games is currently in Kickstarter with a new version of a game called Mare Nostrum; a game of building empires, defending territories, building alliances and managing lots of resources.

The company has had massive successes in the past with games like Fief – France 1429, 1775 Rebellion, Freedon – The Underground Railroad and the Conflict of Heroes series and now they’re poised to repeat the feat with this project.

And I am not surprised. It looks amazing and Academy Games has forged a reputation for quality both of gameplay and production that people have come to trust.

But, as usual, a new game is also a new risk both for consumers and producers and one can never find enough information before buying to help make the right decision. Which is why I got together with Uwe to ask him a bunch of questions about the game and the project.

Hope you enjoy the show and take a look at the Mare Nostrum Kickstarter project.

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This project has nothing to do with Kickstarter, I am pleased to say, but it nonetheless relies on the community and its collective imagination.

Imagine an imaginary arena where foes are pit against each other. And stories were told about those mighty battles with a winner to be crowned the winner.

Well, that is what Tournament of Souls is all about and it sounds pretty excellent.

I spoke with Daniel Marshal from Silver Crescent Publishing, who has devised Tournament of Souls, a competition to find the hardest CR7 creature.

Head to their Facebook page for Tournament of Souls and find out what’s going on there.

Hope you enjoy the show!

Apologies for the variance in volume levels.


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