legendary_games.pngLegendary Games has been creating Pathfinder material for a while now and they do indeed know what they’re doing. Our very own Endzeitgeist has written numerous reviews of their products and more often than not he’s very complimentary, which is a good sing indeed!

It seems that now they’re setting themselves up for something bigger and better than anything they’ve done before and for that they’re in Kickstarter.

They have teamed up with Rogue Genius Games, Kobold Press and Dreamscarred Press to create an amazing looking compendium of books to expand on the Pathfinder Mythic rules. Three books, no less.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rachel Ventura and Jason Nelson and got to ask them a lot of questions about the project, their company, their future and a lot more.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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pic1727619_t.jpgQuantum is fantastic. Let me say that from the start.

I saw this game at Spiel 2013 and spoke to the minds behind Funforge to find out about the game and I was sold pretty much right away. It looked gorgeous, people seemed to be having a great time playing it and it was quick and easy to play.

What’s not to like, right?

Well, I didn’t really know what wasn’t to like because I hadn’t played it, but now I have, which is what this podcast is all about, so we can tell you about it.

Although it’s not without its problems, this game delivers big time and you might (as in should) want to consider getting a copy!

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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pic1771097_t.jpgDungeon Fighter was launched by Cranio Creations to much acclaim for being fiendishly difficult and a ton of fun to play. And silly. It’s very, very silly.

This game sees you rolling dice on a strangely shaped board in order to determine if you’ve succeeded to attack monsters that inhabit… yes, you guessed, dungeons. But the way you roll is dictated by different icons that come from decks of cards during the game.

I tell you, rolling dice onto a surface when you have to launch them using your elbow, or your nose, or from under the table… That is *not* easy!

There’s also an expansion called Fire at Will that was released recently and we thought we’d have a go and find out how it plays and if it adds anything new or worthy to the game.

In this episode is our verdict!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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Terris_Wrought_of_Copper_Page.jpgThe Mistborn Adventure Game, published by Crafty Games, took the world created by Brandon Sanderson and turned it into an excellent game. And I mean really, really excellent.

Now they’ve come out with a new supplement for the game that explores and expands on the canon of the world and cities for the world.

To find out more about this book and what it contains, I spoke to writers Alex Flagg and Logan Boner for a while to find out more.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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pic1696460_t.jpgRelic Runners was released at Spiel 2013 by Days of Wonder and I was super keen to take a proper look.

Designed by Matthew Dunstan, Relic Runner puts the players in the roles of intrepid treasure hunters who will have to search for treasure and uncover the secrets they need to obtain the relics needed to win the game.

A light game with simple mechanics and great components (you wan see the unboxing video here) it’s meant to provide with an entry level game for all the family. Quick and fun too!

Michael, Max and myself put this game to its paces and we had a good game and in this episode we tell you all about it!

Hope u enjoy the show!

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braggart.jpgBraggart is what happens when Michael goes Christmas shopping. He gets games for his friends. In this case for Max, who gleefully and expectantly opened this game with tears in his eyes at the thought of what wonderful time we were going to have playing this cute looking card game.

After all Braggart is a very cute looking game and who doesn’t like the idea of bragging about the many adventures and mighty deeds you’ve performed in the name of fame, fortune and glory?

And who doesn’t like to mess with your friends and turn their stories into hilarious parodies that’ll ridicule them in front of other adventurers?


So we sat down and had a go at this game.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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FATE_core.jpgOnce again we’re Jim and I are back ready to talk RPGs to our hearts content and, hopefully to your heart’s satisfaction.

Firstly Jim talks about systems that don’t manage to match the rules and the setting. We discuss how to go about choosing a set of rules for your game and when it’s more appropriate to create one’s rules and when choosing an existing set of rules.

We talk about my game, Deimonorum and how I’m using the ORE system to get a cinematic setting that an reflect how dangerous everything is and make it flexible enough so people can decide how much risk to add to their actions. 

We talk about Wild Talents 2 and The One Ring too!

Another topic we tackle is FATE. I (Paco) am having difficulties getting to understand how it’s applied and how it plays with a specific setting, so Jim and I discussed how abstraction in rules can be difficult to get to grips with sometimes.

Lastly, Jim decides to have a go at the Marvel RPG game.

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freedom.jpgSlavery has played a horrific role in the history of many countries for a very, very long time. Far from being a thing of the past, slavery is still very present in modern day and efforts to eradicate it continue.

Learning from history is probably the best way to understand where we come from and where we’re going. Freedom – The Underground Railroad does exactly that. Taking a massive risk, Academy Games has created a game that explores the efforts to free slaves.

The players take on the role of historical Abolitionists who will try to save as many slaves a possible between the 1800’s and the Civil War. A careful balance between raising funds for the cause and moving the slaves from location to location will be the key to save enough slaves and win the game. However every time the slaves are moved, the slave catchers will be alerted and will capture the slaves to send them back into slavery.

The game has received a great deal of praise and we were very curious to find out how it worked and if it really is as good as it sounds. This is keeping in mind that we have a certain Max Murray in our team who doesn’t really like cooperative games!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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I have been looking forward to seeing Mindjammer for a long time. The Space Opera game that will probably set a new precedent for future sci-fi games is finally almost here and I am seriously looking forward to seeing what Sarah Newton is going to bless our gaming shelves with.

I came accross Mindjammer years ago when Sarah Newton published her first novel. I read it in a lot less time than I was expecting and it already gave me all I needed. Great characters, great technology, believable settings in an incredible way… the formula was there.

I never looked into the first edition of the game, Mindjammer, the only reason that the second one was coming and, knowing Sarah, it was bound to be a lot better than the first.

Now that the game is in pre-order, I had to interview the author and find out even more about this fantastic setting. But before we talked about Mindjammer, we also talked about Monsters & Magic, a new take on the Old School type of games that truly and genuinely take the old rules and make something fantastic and new with them.

As you can imagine, she didn’t disappoint!

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Mage Company, the guys behind Wrong Chemistry and 12 Realms, have now gone to Kickstarter to fund their latest game, Hoyuk, a game in which you take on the role of a human 10,000 years ago trying to erect a village.

Although Hoyuk was released in 2006 as a print and play, the game has been reworked to be produced as a physical product and bring it onto the table.

As always, I was very curious about how they’re doing this and what plans they have for the game, so I got together with our friends from Mage Company to ask them lots of questions about the game, the new features they’ve brought into the system, the production values they’re aiming for and a lot more.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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