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Marvel_Heroic_Roleplaying game2012 is probably going to be the year of the Super Hero. With the Avengers movie taking the cinema spotlight, the Marvel Superheroes RPG from Margaret Weiss productions is going to fit very nicely in the schedule.

Powered by the Cortex system, the game has been designed to be a storytelling experience with plenty of flexibility to fit the Marvel Universe in it and allow both players and GMs to enjoy heroic adventures at any level.

The no mean feat to achieve that, was placed upon the shoulders of talented writer and all round good guy, Philippe-Antoine Ménard, also known as the ChattyDM.

His infectious passion for the game comes accross during the interview, and we go into the ins and outs of this game, the system and all its possbilities.

Question for you, dear listener. How do you retire your character from a long lasting Phil.jpgcampaign?

Dale and I will talk about it and discuss a few options that might help you move on from your experienced character onto another, newer and more exciting one, without breaking the campaign as your GM has planned it.

Hope you enjoy the show. We'd very much welcome your feedback and your questions. Please feel free to contact us on

Until next time!


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Sentinels of the MultiverseWe have arrived to our 31st episode unscathed. Rather sad!

This is a rather special episode because is the first episode with Loried Green, our new co-host, who will lend a brain (we needed one of those!) and a dose of common sense (also lacking so far!) to the podcast.Tachyon-225x300.jpg

Lorien was interviewed by Mark and me a couple of episodes ago, and we liked her so much, she was invited to join us on a permanent basis. The poor thing, not knowing where she was getting into, accepted. Needless to say Mark and I remained with our mouths shut until the moment or truth, when Lorien stepped up to the podium and, like the true professional she’s turned out to be, grabbed the podcast by the proverbials and run with it like Paula Radcliffe in a marathon.

The effects can be heard from the moment go. I am a lot calmer, and, although Mark is visiting family in Miami and can’t join us, he will also behave a lot more civically when returns. And he’ll change his mind about zombies.

Omnitron-220x300.jpgMeanwhile, Lorien and I have explored sexism in boardgames and videogames, and how they relate. Yes, you read that correctly, we do talk videogames (and why not!). We would love to hear what you think. Please send us your comments at


But that is not all. Mark and I interviewed Chris, from Greater Than Games.

What, you don’t know who he is?... Oh... right... I better explain then!

Chris and a friend had the good sense of creating a card game that is a super-hero game. But not just *any* super hero card game. This one is a cooperative one. With 5 super heroes, a few villains and some environment where things happen. I made sense of it when I interviewed Chris, but you better listen to the interview so you can make your own sense.

Oh, and some really nice tangential and off-topic discussion at the end.

You’ll like it! (no... really... you will).

Enjoy the show!



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Steve KensonWelcome back to the G*M*S Magazine Podcast. This is the Role Playing Games edition of the podcast and in this episode we have the pleasure of talking to Steve Kenson, creator of numerous games, including Mutants and Masterminds.

But this episode is dedicated to being gay within the gaming world and community. Maybe because we are considered to be outcasts and not very sociable, most gamers develop a greater sense of comradeship and tolerance and homosexuality is much greatly accepted than in other circles.

Mutants and MastermindsI talk with Steve about being gay, mutants, masterminds, mutants and masterminds, Demon: The Fallen, Blue Rose and many more things, including the next edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Dale and I also talk about sexism in the RPG world and the rather ill thought decision from Wizards of the Coast, to publish a poll in which they ask what past D&D F

eatures would you like to see appear in D&D Next, and leave Racial Level Limits and Gender-Based ability score maximums.

A truly silly oversight that sent ripples of controversy around the Twitterverse, with good reason.

Hope you enjoy the podcast!



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We are back with another show featuring a truly terrific guest with Mark and I.

There are many areas where boardgames are becoming prevalent, and movies is one of them. However there aren't that many documentaries around about boardgame design and the process that goes on behind the scenes.

lorien_portrait.jpgThat is what our guest for this show has decided to cover, and has done so with remarkable results. More interviews you can shake a stick at (most of them with truly legendary members of the game design community), a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding, and a lot of extremely positive feedback for a documentary called "Going Cardboard". A truly amazing story!

Mark and I talk about a few games too! Formula D, Flash Duel, X610Z, Cards Against Humanity...

And a very special announcement at the end of the show!

Hope you enjoy it!



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