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Mindjammer has been a favourite of mine since before it came out in its current edition. I read the novel before I knew the game and loved it and now it is my go-to Science Fiction game.

And that is because Sarah Newton, as well as being a good friend, is for me the most talented writer and designer out there.

Yes… in the world.

When Sarah carried out her rather successful Kickstarter campaign, one of the stretch goals was a conversion of the Mindjammer game into the Traveller system.

Since I am not an expert on Traveller, I was very curious to know how a game with a system as open as FATE could be converted to a system that is a lot more rules-heavy and relatively restrictive as Traveller.

And now you can find out too.

Hope you enjoy the show!



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Casual gamers are, in my opinion, the bread and butter of any hobby. The vast majority of any hobby’s follower is a casual person who enjoys whatever it is on an ad-hoc basis.

And of course the presence of casual gamers has an impact on the gaming experience. If anything because the level of commitment of a casual gamer is never going to be the same and thus they might not engage or otherwise participate in the same way as a more hard-core gamer.

And it would seem that can be a frustrating thing for some. Like Jim.

In this episode we actually get to disagree a fair bit about it, for I think casual gamers are a good thing and it is the responsibility of the person around the table to control how they behave.

In this episode it becomes even clearer that Jim is the nicest of us two!



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cliches.jpgHow many times have we seen the same clichés in RPGs? How many more times will we have to endure them?

Truth is that clichés have a reason to exist because they make life easy for the writer or player, so it is not surprising that we see them so often. However, overuse and simplification have made those clichés to become really tired and boring.

Even though they do have a place and a time, usually it is not the correct place or time when they are used and we find too many of them in our games.

In this episode, Jim and I discuss what clichés should never be seen again in our games and why.



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