tumblr_nbdzibvt1e1ti8sdmo1_1280.jpgThe Veranthea Codex is the creation from RPG industry veteran Mike Myler.

Ennie winner, Myler has now decided to create a product with a campaign setting, a section with NPCs and yet another section with a whole lot of new archetypes, professions, feats…

The interesting thing is the idiosyncrasy of the setting. A world that comprises a whole country of steampunk goblins must be worthy of some attention. Seriously. That sounds amazing.

And to make sure you know all you need to know about it, they’ve even created a Tumblr page which you can find here.

Also a some free PDFs for you to get a taste of the whole world:

Hope you enjoy the freebies, the Kickstarter campaign and the show!

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