Hopping Doom from Out of the Swamp- the Frogfolk of Porphyra!

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Ngai’i, Yog-Sothoth… bring power over the frog-folk to your child down through the ages, your doathi descendant of The Croaking Voice! Ngai’i, bring the boggards, the Toad-Warriors, to heel, raze the swamp-forest and drive the grippli, the frog-people before me, children of Your indolent cousin Tsathoggua, give me the power of my doathi birthright!

From the dawn of primitive life, from the machinations of the Great Old Ones, comes the frog-folk, three races not well known from the corners of the Patchwork Planet of Porphyra! Written by Perry Fehr and published by Purple Duck Games, new Frogfolk of Porphyra contains original lore about these fascinating folk:
• The Boggards, aggressive toad-people who seek to dominate those near their territory with the strength of arms…
• The Doathi, descendants of the lieutenants of the Great Old Ones, sinister inheritors of power hidden amongst humanity…
• The Gripppli, tree-frog offshoot of the boggard race, curious forest-dwellers whose agile potential has hardly begun to be tapped…

Each race has options for racial traits, alternative racial characteristics, racial feats and full descriptions of their culture and place on the Patchwork Planet.

Sections include for your enjoyment, new spells used by these batrachian folk like call bugs, key and jewel, and plague of warts! New magic items like the batrachinomicon, the wartwand, and webskin armor. All included in Frogfolk of Porphyra!

So get your copy today of Frogfolk of Porphyra from the wart-skinned wizards at Purple Duck Games, where our games are what you want!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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