About this channel

This is the G*M*S Magazine Podcast Channel.

Welcome! Please come into our rooms and make yourself at home! 

This is a podcast channel, not just a podcast. What that means is that we have a selection of shows, all based around the world of tabletop gaming – board games, roleplaying games, card games and wargames.

We are trying a new experiment with this channel. Instead of just giving you one show, we give you many, just like in a radio or television channel. If you don’t like the show, there will be others you might! 

Our shows are divided in “rooms”, each room with the topic you might be interested in, but all of them are based around the world of gaming. Mind you, we’re also looking for shows about Fantasy and Science-Fiction writing!

Below you can find a list of our shows:

  • The Board Room
  • The Boardgame Review Room
  • The Boardgame Interview Room
  • The RPG room
  • The RPG interview room 

More will be added soon, so please do come back and check us out soon, or follow us in Twitter @gmsmagazine!

If you’re interested in advertising with us, please contact us on podcast@gmsmagazine.com.

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