The Board Room

The Board Room

This podcast is hosted and produced by Dr Mike Reddy and co-hosted by Paco Garcia Jaen and Kara Gander and features some interviews with game designers and discussion and reviews on boardgames and card games.

About the hosts

Dr Mike Reddy: Story Teller, Writer and Broadcaster, Lecturer and all round Pedagogist, interested in Games, Plagiarism, Social Effects of Technology, oh and Plagiarism. Dr. Mike “DoctorMike” Reddy has studied and worked at several universities, including Durham, Leeds and Manchester, and is now Programme Leader for Games and Future Technology at the University of Wales, Newport. He claims to be “an awful academic, far more interested in the playing and the doing of life than the writing and reviewing” and perhaps for that reason has been instrumental in raising debate over 21st century pedagogy and teaching practices in the UK, reprioritizing learning and reminding us that education is something you do for/with students, not at them. He is currently stupidly busy working on the World’s first Foundation Degree for getting Artists to program, while running the EU funded caldys2 project aimed at creating computer games to aid children with dyslexia learn English as a second language, with 10 EU partners. Lots of travel, lots of work, no time…

Paco Garcia Jaen: Just a guy who happens to like games and anything to do with gaming. Graphic Artist and Photographer by training, Art Director and Elearning Developer by trade, Paco is a Spaniard who established himself in the UK more than 15 years ago and is insanely passionate about storytelling, good layout, spotless art direction and playing games with friends around a table. He founded the G*M*S Magazine website, this podcast and also runs the G*M*S Magazine YouTube Channel where you can find unboxing videos, and video interviews and seminars from Spiel, Dragonmeet, UK Games Expo and Salute.

Kara Gander: A gamer with an un compromising approach to games and knowledge to match, Kara is the chief buyer of games for Leisure Games, probably the best games shop in the UK. When she speaks, you want to listen (not that Dr Reddy and Paco follow that motto, mind you…).

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