Grimmerspace has taken the RPG world by storm in a Kickstarter project that will be remembered for a long time. But why? 

Well, since I happen to know the Grimmerspace authors, Lou Agresta and Rone Barton, I asked them to come to the show and have a chat about the project and the game itself.

I won’t take any more of your time. Please do take a look at the project and have a listen to the podcast. I sincerely hope you will enjoy it.

This podcast was recorded for G*M*S Magazine.


Ultramodern 5 is an evolution of a game that saw the light in 2016 and that now has funded successfully in Kickstarter for a new, bigger edition with more of everything.

However, the initial version of this book got a Best Platinum Seller award in DriveThruRPG and it has some very good ratings and reviews, so it must be doing something right.

Hope you enjoy the show!



In terms of hours of play, I bet there are few people like Jeff Richards. Because the creative director for Chaosium exudes roleplaying games wherever he goes!

And the thing is, you might think that Jeff just talks about Chaosium and Call of Cthulhu and Glorantha… but the topics we cover today are about character archetypes and how to use/modify them to suit your game.

Hope you enjoy the show!


What can TTRPGs learn from video games?

In the time TTRPGs have been alive, videogames have seen a huge deal of development, investment and advancement. What can they teach us, tabletop gamers?

Hope you enjoy the show!


Marketing in RPGs is a vast topic that I have spoken about a few times in the past. Now we have a proper expert to tell us some secrets!

Ed Healy has been doing marketing in RPGs for a very long time now and his company has specialised in both marketing and logistics for companies that, being in a niche market like RPGs, have some very specific requirements.


And that is what I wanted to talk to Ed about. Being a publisher in its starting stage, I find marketing and advertising a massive deal and very important to reach as many people as possible that will give me a chance to create a customer base to keep me going.

I have to say this interview was a bit hard because I didn’t want it to be just about me and my needs as a publisher. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the interview and listen to it more than once. There is so much information in there that it is hard to assimilate it all in one go. Ed dishes out an immense wealth of knowledge!

Joseph Carriker has been writing games and working within LGBTQI+ activism for longer than most. ¿Does he have something to tell you?

Well… yes. I have known Joe for a while now and, as well as knowing about his writing and line development for Blue Rose, I have known about his thinking and logic for a while, and every straight person should listen to what he has to say.

Not just because he tends to nail it pretty much every time, but because he has a way to say things that work. If you want to listen, that is.

And I hope you will listen to this episode, because – although I am biased – I think it is really, really good!

Hope you enjoy the show!

Brendan Davis has been spearheading Bedrock games for a good number of years now. House of Paper Shadows is their latest instalment for the Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate game. But what is it about?

In this episode I talk to Brendan Davis about his recent release and how to tackle writing content from a different culture without falling into stereotypes and cultural pitfalls

Hope you enjoy the show!


Jonny Hodgson has been a friend since I pretty much got into RPG media. Approachable as few, he has a stellar career that has recently seen some massive changes. What is he up to now? 

Hodgson is now doing something else. He has packed the art direction role he had in C7 and now he is making maps and designing games with his children and funding in Kickstarter.


Let’s find out!


Tekumel is the product of the brilliant mind of professor M.A.R. Barker and one of the first RPG settings to come to light after the publication of D&D, so why isn’t it better know?

If you have never heard about Tekumel and the Petal Throne before, this interview is for you. If you have… this interview is also for you!

Uncertain Scenery is a small company that Craig Birks started a little while ago to create laser cut scenery for games. ¿What is that like?

With a background in design, I delve into how these sort of scenarios are created and what the process is from start to finish and ask him a few questions about embarking into this massive endeavour that will hopefully bring some success.

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