Jonny Hodgson has been a friend since I pretty much got into RPG media. Approachable as few, he has a stellar career that has recently seen some massive changes. What is he up to now? 

Hodgson is now doing something else. He has packed the art direction role he had in C7 and now he is making maps and designing games with his children and funding in Kickstarter.


Let’s find out!


Tekumel is the product of the brilliant mind of professor M.A.R. Barker and one of the first RPG settings to come to light after the publication of D&D, so why isn’t it better know?

If you have never heard about Tekumel and the Petal Throne before, this interview is for you. If you have… this interview is also for you!

Uncertain Scenery is a small company that Craig Birks started a little while ago to create laser cut scenery for games. ¿What is that like?

With a background in design, I delve into how these sort of scenarios are created and what the process is from start to finish and ask him a few questions about embarking into this massive endeavour that will hopefully bring some success.


Calidar is the masterful work from Mystara´s Creator, Bruce Heard and it is fantastic!

The world of Calidar has been going for just a few years and its author, veteran designer Bruce Heard has already written four books with another one funded as I type on Kickstarter.

But let’s hear it from its creator and why you should take a look at this setting and chip in!

Thank you for listening.

Schwalb Entertainment has been producing some incredible content since Shadow of the Demon Lord. And keep coming up with more.

Uncompromising, Swchalb Entertainment has released one of the most brutal and truly chaotic worlds with Shadow of the Demon Lord and the complete line of work by Robert Schwalb is just pure madness and genius.

In this podcast Robert and I talk about the new venture for Schwalb Entertainment and what their next Kickstarter is going to be about, and I tell you this is going to be huge.

Yes, it has something to do with Demon Lord. Yes… it is more material and it is a pivotal moment in the history of the Demon Lord himself. Because depending on this project one thing or another might happen.

Want to find out more? Enjoy the interview!



Children of the Fall is a post-apocalyptic roleplaying game from the very indie game design scene in South Africa by Gareth H. Graham.

In Children of the Fall, the players play as the survivors of an apocalypse that has turned all the adults on the planet into evil, bloodthirsty savages known as The Fallen. The group will explore the world and the story that takes place as the players take turns to describe events and challenges.

I get the chance to ask Gareth a few questions about the game and how it plays, as well as how it handles some of the hardest topics.

Hope you enjoy the show!


Chronicles of Future Earth is a roleplaying game 20 years in the making that I had the honour of watching from the start. And now you’ll be lucky enough to enjoy too!

The Kickstarter campaign Sarah has started for this game has already funded and a whole new line of work will be developed to illustrate this amazing new universe and allow everyone to enjoy it.

Please join us in making this reality. I think this interview will give you all the reasons you could need to do so and I hope you enjoy it.



Even before Mark Rein-Hagen re-joined White Wolf to work on the fifth edition of Vampire The Masquerade, the game was plagued with controversy.

In this episode I wanted to talk to Mark about his experiences before, during and after working in this new version of the game. From his return to White Wolf to the role he has played in the new edition of the game, we also discuss “transgresiveness” and its legitimacy in a world where being transgressive is under a greater scrutiny than it was25 years ago.

¡I hope you enjoy the interview and find it interesting!

Matt Forbeck is the New York Times best seller author who has just published four Endless Quest books based in D&D Forgotten Realms.


Matt Forbeck has been writing professionally since 1989 and has a plethora of books on his back. Probably so many he would not be able to carry them all if he had one issue of each on his back for real.


Now he has written four Endless Quest books (thus far) and I just had to find out more about them.

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