And after a long time it is here.

Apologies for the delay in bringing you this podcast. In the last few weeks I had to come to Chicago for two weeks, go back to the UK, go to Spain for a week, come back to the UK and then come back to Chicago, which has made life a tad too complicated when producing, editing and publishing anything.

However all is good and we have a very interesting show this time with two interviews.

Our first guest in this show is Daniel Dranove, a Chicagoan who's created a game with his friends called "Cards Against Humanity". Terrificly fun game mostly for adults, but more during the interview.

Our second guest is a fantastic writer and gamer called James "Grim" Gainsborough, proud owner of Postmortem Studios. I could say a lot about this interview, but you better listen to it... it's a lot more interesting that way!

And we have our first competition! This is your chance to win a copy of the "Non Trivial Quest" game. All you need to know is at the end of the podcast and entering the prize draw couldn't be any easier.


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