legendary_games.pngLegendary Games has been creating Pathfinder material for a while now and they do indeed know what they’re doing. Our very own Endzeitgeist has written numerous reviews of their products and more often than not he’s very complimentary, which is a good sing indeed!

It seems that now they’re setting themselves up for something bigger and better than anything they’ve done before and for that they’re in Kickstarter.

They have teamed up with Rogue Genius Games, Kobold Press and Dreamscarred Press to create an amazing looking compendium of books to expand on the Pathfinder Mythic rules. Three books, no less.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rachel Ventura and Jason Nelson and got to ask them a lot of questions about the project, their company, their future and a lot more.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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