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Working with an IP can be a very challenging topic. To take something that has already been created and transform it into an RPG that does it justice is a tricky exercise that requires a deep knowledge of both the original IP and the RPG design process.

Dave Chapman is one guy who knows a lot about that, since he was one of the responsible people to create Cubicle 7’s Dr. Who Roleplaying Game.

He kindly agreed to come to the show to be interviewed and I gladly proceeded to do so.

¡Hope you enjoy the show!



Chaosium, a company that has been going on for longer than most, has brought some of the most emblematic and beloved franchises to the RPG world.

Glorantha, RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu… all of them prolific lines that have been supported by many thousands in many languages over many years.

And yet, the company has also gone through some very rough times in the last few years. So much so that a lot of people thought it would go under. However, it was rescued by a rather terrific group of people, one of them I had the pleasure of interviewing.

Jeff Richard is the Creative Director for the company and, being an accomplished game designer with a passion most would envy, he has a lot to say, not just about the past, but about the future of the company.

And he is a fun guy to boot!



James Bond RPG came out a very long time ago and, even though no longer published or popular, it is a very relevant game today. It is interesting that some games that have been out of print for a long time can, and indeed have some ideas that a vast amount of more modern games could learn from.

Perhaps having ideas was easier all those years ago. Or simply the industry was more audacious than today. Or we pander to the “easy design” a bit too much. I don’t know.

But the fact remains that when one reads Chris Klug’s James Bond RPG, it is not easy to find a spy game that fits so well both to the genre and the IP.

It was thus an honour to have Chris on the show to talk about dilemmas in RPGs and the extent of their importance.

This one, my friends, I can say is one of the good episodes.





In an attempt to break our record for the weirdest episode, Jim and I attempt to discuss what games have been good for the industry.

A few weeks ago we chatted about what games were bad for the industry and a good number of them came up.

Today we try to do the opposite with some very varying results…

Also we spent a while watching some ski tyre jumping from Japan. That was really, really weird…




Very often we find encounters during our adventures that are, quite frankly, appalling. Truly unsatisfying either because they are too hard, too easy, the monsters don’t really matter or, simply, it makes no sense.

Designing encounters is a tad harder than it might appear, so I invited Kevin Watson, from Dark Naga Adventures, to come to the podcast, since he has designed more encounters and adventures than most and he knows his salt.

Hope you enjoy the interview!

You can find out more about Dark Naga in the following links:

Dark Naga Website

Dark Naga Facebook page

Dark Naga Kickstarter page



oh-please-just-fuck-off.jpgYou know, I am pretty tired of stupid, petty minded assholes who prefer to take offence of anything rather than celebrate diversity.

I am sick of idiots who don’t have what it takes to feel safe and secure in their masculinity and whinge and complain endlessly when something is organise just for women or minorities.

And I am fucking fed up with seeing responses that make me feel ashamed of being a man.

If you have a problem with initiatives like the one Green Ronin had recently to find female writers for a project, please do fuck off. Go back under the stone you call world and stay there reading your games lit by the sun coming out of your ass.

Or stop being stupid and join the normal humans who understand the richness of diversity and celebrate rather than bemoan it.

And yes… in this episode we talk about this issue.




Since it came out so many years ago, Shadowrun has been the favourite game of connoisseurs and indies alike. It has inspired millions of people to look forward to a future where magic and science can coexist, and where computers are but the landscape of the mind.

Indeed it has inspired pretty much any and every game Jim Pinto has ever created based on some of his best experiences as a player and GM.

In this episode, we pay tribute to the game that redefined RPGs, fantasy, Science Fiction and society itself.

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Maximising sales in the RPG market is real hard. In fact getting sales in the RPG market is hard. ¿Is it that there are too many products out there, or that there is a lacking in the sales process understanding?

Jason Eric Nelson has been learning how to, and selling very well, a lot of books at Legendary Games. With a few successful Kickstarters (some of which I missed) and some truly amazing books out there, he knows what he is talking about.

And he was kind enough to give me his time and share some of his knowledge, which was truly interesting for me to hear.

I hope you get some good inspiration in this podcast and it helps you boost your sales as much as possible!

Enjoy the show!


fenris_games.jpgFenris Games has been at the forefront of miniatures creation for a very long time. They know the business and what it takes to survive.

Having a modelling company and producing minatures is a lot more glamorous from the consumer side than the side of the business and staying abreast of the market is a very tough nut to crack.

In this episode I speak to Ian Brumby about the hardships and rewards of owning a miniatures creation company.

Enjoy the show!

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